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    Admin Zone Dev Red

    Those are FontAwesome icons. I must have missed fixing that style. I will get an updated version uploaded by tomorrow.
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    Admin Zone Dev Green Check out the Font Awesome site for icons you can use. You can look at extra.css to see how to implement them. All Font Awesome css is in extra.css.
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    xenForo 2.x.x Admin Zone Dev Green - Update for xenForo 2.1.17

    Updated style to be compatible with xenForo 2.1.17 and fixed font awesome issues.
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    Admin Zone Dev Green

    AWS updated Admin Zone Dev Green with a new update entry: Update for xenForo 2.1.17 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Admin Zone Dev Green

    I'll repackage it up. I uploaded a new version and must have forgot to add them.
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    Admin Zone Dev Green

    They are included in the package.
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    Test BBCode

    This is just a test
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    xenForo 2.0.10

    There is 1 template that need to merged after you upgrade to xenForo 2.0.10. Once merged the styles will all be compatible with 2.0.10 The template that needs to merged is: PAGE_CONTAINER
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    xenForo 2.0.10 Update

    If you upgrade your site to xenForo 2.0.10 to clear the outdated templates simply merge the PAGE_CONTAINER template. Since I don't make any major changes to any of the templates merging the templates makes it very easy to upgrade without losing the customizations.
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    Howdy and welcome.

    Howdy and welcome.
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    xenForo 2.0.7

    I'll have an update released for xenForo 2.0.7 later this week. There are some changes that won't merge correctly so an update is needed.
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    Admins Zone Blue Support Thread

    I upgraded one site and there was an issue with the privacy policy link and terms of service so I do believe this is a bug in xenforo. The links went into a loop and then to a 404 after a long time. I fixed it by creating new route filters for the 2 links.
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    Admins Zone Blue Support Thread

    That isn't problem with the style. That link only shows when you set the link to your privacy policy in the basic board settings. Either you set a non-existent link to your privacy policy or you uncovered a bug in the xenforo software. If you switch to the style here you'll see it works as it...
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    xenForo 2.0.5

    There are 2 templates that need to merged after you upgrade to xenForo 2.0.5. Once merged the styles will all be compatible with 2.0.5 The templates that need to merged are: PAGE_CONTAINER widget_new_threads
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    xenForo 2.0.4

    There are no updated templates in this version if upgrading from 2.0.3.
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    xenForo 2.0.3

    xenForo released version 2.0.3. It includes a security fix so it is recommended that everyone upgrade. If you upgrade you'll need to manually merge the PAGE_CONTAINER template. That is the only template that will need to be merged.
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    Upcoming Styles

    I know it's been a while since I added a new style. Been busy with other things. I do have 2 styles almost ready. One is a light style, shades of white and gray. The other is dark blue. I will get them finished by the end of the week and ready for release early next week.
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    xenForo 2.0.2 Update

    When you get the notice that there are outdated templates after you upgrade to xenFro 2.0.2 all you have to do is merge the templates. I upgraded this site this morning and simple template merges fixed the style. I don't do many changes to templates. The edits that are done will merge nicely.
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    XF 2.0.2 gives me this warning in all styles

    Go ahead and merge the templates. The only edit is to add the link to here and some font awesome. They will merge without a problem.
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    Can you make me this style?

    I have other work to do first.
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