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    xenForo 2.0.10

    There is 1 template that need to merged after you upgrade to xenForo 2.0.10. Once merged the styles will all be compatible with 2.0.10 The template that needs to merged is: PAGE_CONTAINER
  2. AWS

    xenForo 2.0.10 Update

    If you upgrade your site to xenForo 2.0.10 to clear the outdated templates simply merge the PAGE_CONTAINER template. Since I don't make any major changes to any of the templates merging the templates makes it very easy to upgrade without losing the customizations.
  3. AWS

    xenForo 2.0.7

    I'll have an update released for xenForo 2.0.7 later this week. There are some changes that won't merge correctly so an update is needed.
  4. AWS

    xenForo 2.0.5

    There are 2 templates that need to merged after you upgrade to xenForo 2.0.5. Once merged the styles will all be compatible with 2.0.5 The templates that need to merged are: PAGE_CONTAINER widget_new_threads
  5. AWS

    xenForo 2.0.4

    There are no updated templates in this version if upgrading from 2.0.3.
  6. AWS

    xenForo 2.0.3

    xenForo released version 2.0.3. It includes a security fix so it is recommended that everyone upgrade. If you upgrade you'll need to manually merge the PAGE_CONTAINER template. That is the only template that will need to be merged.
  7. AWS

    Upcoming Styles

    I know it's been a while since I added a new style. Been busy with other things. I do have 2 styles almost ready. One is a light style, shades of white and gray. The other is dark blue. I will get them finished by the end of the week and ready for release early next week.
  8. AWS

    xenForo 2.0.2 Update

    When you get the notice that there are outdated templates after you upgrade to xenFro 2.0.2 all you have to do is merge the templates. I upgraded this site this morning and simple template merges fixed the style. I don't do many changes to templates. The edits that are done will merge nicely.
  9. AWS

    Admin Zone Dev Green

    AWS submitted a new resource: Admin Zone Dev Green - Green style. Read more about this resource...
  10. AWS

    Admin Zone Dev Red

    AWS submitted a new resource: Admin Zone Dev Red - Red style. Read more about this resource...
  11. AWS

    Admin Zone Dev Dark

    AWS submitted a new resource: Admin Zone Dev Dark - Dark style. Read more about this resource...
  12. AWS

    PHP Code Editors

    When I used to write code I used emacs on Unix and notepad++ on Windows. The only time I used an IDE was when I started using Visual Studio in the late 90's when my company started to transition the bespoke software to Windows from Unix. All my UBB and vbulletin hacks where done with notepad++...
  13. AWS

    Font Awesome

    The styles have FontAwesome icons in various places. Most of them can be changed in extra.less. In fact all can be changed with the exception of the icons used for widgets. Those were added directly to the template. In the future those will also be in extra.less or I may create an addon to add them.
  14. AWS

    Lets See Your Sites!

    If you want to showcase your site post a link in this forum. The more exposure your community gets the better. I know I am alsways looking for new communities to join. Start a new thread with the title being your site name and use the format below to post your site. URL: url to your site Then...
  15. AWS

    Working on New Style

    I have another style in dev stages. You can watch the progress of it by switching to it here. Once it is done I will release at xenForo and here.
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    SSL Enabled

    I have enabled SSL for the site. Got the cert last night and didn't have time to install it. You might have to log back in when you visit.
  17. AWS

    New Member Meet & Greet

    If you are a new member please take the time to introduce yourself to the community. I'll start. I'm Bob. Been a forum owner since 1994 when I started my first forum with a hacked up comment form included with Microsoft FrontPage. Been addicted every since.
  18. AWS

    Brain Cramp

    The last thing I coded was a static archive plugin for vBulletin. It took old threads and created static HTML pages and purged the data from the database. I never finished it. I had panned to port it to xenForo and finish it, but, with the power of web servers and efficiency of the script...
  19. AWS

    Important To Download xenForo Resources

    In order to download xenforo styles or addons you have to be a valid xenForo license holder. In order to access all of the site you must validate your XenForo license. To validate that you are a owner of a valid XenForo license do the following: Log in to the XenForo customer area. Click on...
  20. AWS

    Admins Zone Blue Support Thread

    I have created a style for xenforo 2. It is called Admin Zone Blue and can be downloaded here in the resources sections and at XenForo Zone - For XenForo Enthusiasts. Live Demo Post any bugs or feature request in this forum.
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