1. AWS

    Upcoming Styles

    I know it's been a while since I added a new style. Been busy with other things. I do have 2 styles almost ready. One is a light style, shades of white and gray. The other is dark blue. I will get them finished by the end of the week and ready for release early next week.
  2. AWS

    xenForo 2.x.x Admin Zone Dev Green 2.1.7

    Brought to you by Admin Zone Dev. This is a green style with gray and white highlights. Live Demo
  3. AWS

    Working on New Style

    I have another style in dev stages. You can watch the progress of it by switching to it here. Once it is done I will release at xenForo and here.
  4. AWS

    xenForo 2.x.x Admin Zone Dev Blue 1.0.0

    Brought you by XenForo Zone - For XenForo Enthusiasts. This is my first xenForo 2 style. This is a light blue style. Live Demo
  5. AWS

    Admins Zone Blue Support Thread

    I have created a style for xenforo 2. It is called Admin Zone Blue and can be downloaded here in the resources sections and at XenForo Zone - For XenForo Enthusiasts. Live Demo Post any bugs or feature request in this forum.
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