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    xenForo 2.0.5

    There are 2 templates that need to merged after you upgrade to xenForo 2.0.5. Once merged the styles will all be compatible with 2.0.5 The templates that need to merged are: PAGE_CONTAINER widget_new_threads
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    xenForo 2.0.4

    There are no updated templates in this version if upgrading from 2.0.3.
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    xenForo 2.0.3

    xenForo released version 2.0.3. It includes a security fix so it is recommended that everyone upgrade. If you upgrade you'll need to manually merge the PAGE_CONTAINER template. That is the only template that will need to be merged.
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    Upcoming Styles

    I know it's been a while since I added a new style. Been busy with other things. I do have 2 styles almost ready. One is a light style, shades of white and gray. The other is dark blue. I will get them finished by the end of the week and ready for release early next week.
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    Working on New Style

    I have another style in dev stages. You can watch the progress of it by switching to it here. Once it is done I will release at xenForo and here.
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    Brain Cramp

    The last thing I coded was a static archive plugin for vBulletin. It took old threads and created static HTML pages and purged the data from the database. I never finished it. I had panned to port it to xenForo and finish it, but, with the power of web servers and efficiency of the script...
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    Important To Download xenForo Resources

    In order to download xenforo styles or addons you have to be a valid xenForo license holder. In order to access all of the site you must validate your XenForo license. To validate that you are a owner of a valid XenForo license do the following: Log in to the XenForo customer area. Click on...
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    xenForo 2.x.x Admin Zone Dev Blue 1.0.0

    Brought you by XenForo Zone - For XenForo Enthusiasts. This is my first xenForo 2 style. This is a light blue style. Live Demo
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